High Availability Cloud Hosting Services

High Availability Cloud Hosting Services

True 100% uptime Web Hosting Services with redundant infrastructure and virtualization technologies.

This service is available under our brand Hostibox.com.

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Key features

Fully Manager Hosting
Focus on your business, we ensure your technical needs
Blazing fast

Your website will load up to 1000x faster

Express migration

Transfer your website into our hosting, without downtime

24/7 Support

Friendly tech support is available at any time

Technical Specifications


  • Intel Xeon E5 & Xeon E3 CPUs
  • 10 Gbps links
  • 32GB RAM per server

OS & core

  • CentOS 7 & Debian 9
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3
  • Clustered Ceph storage
  • NGINX & Varnish


  • memcached (caching)
  • Zend Optimizer
  • modpagespeed (on demand)


  • Clam AV antivirus
  • Spamassassin anti-spam
  • DDoS protection
  • Brute-force protection

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cloud hosting (marketing name) or High Availability hosting (technical name) is a web hosting without fail. It means that it must be working all the time (even during and after an apocalypse).

Cloud hosting relies on redundancy and mirroring. When something went wrong with a storage drive, another one with exactly the same data replace him instantly. When there is hardware issue with a computing server, another one replace him without downtime. And so one.

Normal scenario

The High Availability proxy is looking for the less loaded server to serve contents to the visitor.

Storage 2 has a failure


The High Availability Proxy tell Compute 1 and Compute 2 to avoid using Storage 2.

Varnish is a very well known HTTP caching server. A million of websites uses caching method to increase page loading speed. With a we configured caching software, you can get 1000x better loading speed.

Hostibox uses Varnish on High Availability Proxy to decrease your TTFB (Time to First Byte) and loading page.

Of course. Dedicated IP is available at a flat-rate monthly pricing.

Upgrade can be done in 30 seconds under the HostiPanel. Downgrade is also possible if the landing plan have enough resources for your website.

Our 24/7 tech suppor team will move your website without downtime. Just tell them.

Even with redundant storage, Hostibox stores weekly off-site backup. These backups are made for disaster recovery but can be requested by the customer (for a small fee). We retain this kind of backup at least 3 months after its creation.

However, doing your own backups is your responsibility (see Terms of Service). You can configure easily a backup destination (FTP / SFTP) in the HostiPanel to get copies of each backup generated by Hostibox. Alternatively, you can use one of our backup solution.

Due to service’s type, we only offer 7 days Money Back Guarantee for new customers.

Yes, of course. You can create email inboxes under HostiPanel.