Cloud VPS hosting

Cheap VPS hosting with 100% uptime SLA, SSD storage, 10 Gbps uplink and KVM virtualization technology.

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Key features

7x faster storage

We use SSD storage on our Ceph network storage cluster, with RAID10 per storage server.


All our CPU are 3 GHz+ Xeon CPU, offering better computing performance

Failover solution

On any node related issue, your VPS is moved transparently to another running node.

DDoS protection

Our network shields can handle over 12 Tbps of DDoS attack automatically without interruption.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

On a VPS, you can setup your own OS, your own applications and your own control panel, according to your needs. On a shared hosting, you have to use an already configured web server.

Cloud VPS from is more reliable than classic VPS from other providers. We use distributed infrastructure to allow effective 100% uptime, even on hardware failures. In short words, all hardware has at least a mirror for real time failover.

With each VPS, you get 1 dedicated IPv4 and 1 dedicated IPv6 (IPv6 may not be available yet, depending on VPS location). If you with more dedicated IPs, you have to justify its needs by filling a justification form (available from IP ordering page).

VPS upgrade can be done in 30 seconds under HostiPanel. Downgrade is not yet automatically at this time, but can be requested on our support.

Unfortunately, VPS migration can’t be done as our virtualization technology is not compatible with other provider’s technology. However, we can:

  • Import a VPS disk image from file (RAW, QCOW2, VHD, VDI or VMDK format)
  • Import a website from a shared hosting environment (cPanel, ISPConfig, HostiPanel, …) or a LAMP stack. This will include LAMP configuration fees.
  • Import from Docker. This will include Docker configuration fees.

Even with redundant storage, Hostibox stores weekly off-site backup. These backups are made for disaster recovery but can be requested by the customer (for a small fee). We retain this kind of backup at least 3 months after its creation.

However, doing your own backups is your responsibility (see Terms of Service). You can configure easily a backup destination (FTP / SFTP) in the HostiPanel to get copies of each backup generated by Hostibox. Alternatively, you can use one of our backup solution.

Due to service’s type, we only offer 7 days Money Back Guarantee for new customers.