Premium Class Datacenters

We operate in 17 different datacenters worldwide. The Hostibox Group infrastructure relies on redundant power and internet connectivity.

United States

United Kingdom





Oak Tower (Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

One of the key fiber transit buildings of Kansas City, the Oak Tower (also know as Bell Telephone Building) houses 9,000-square-foot (840 m2) Tier II datacenter.

Power source

Kansas City Power & Light

UPS battery systems

On-site 400KW Diesel Generator


Upstream providers:

  • Hurricane Electric
  • Cogent Communications
  • Telia Company
  • GTT Communications
  • China Telecom
  • China Unicom

Notable Private Peers:

  • Apple, Inc.
  • Google Fiber

Public Peering Points:

  • Kansas City Internet eXchange (KCIX)
  • DE-CIX New York
  • DE-CIX Frankfurt
  • De-CIX
  • Minneapolis Internet Cooperative Exchange (MICE)
  • DenverIX
  • Seattle Internet eXchange (SIX)


24/7 monitoring with security cameras

Biometric hand scanners

Pulsant Datacenter (Maidenhead, United Kingdom)

Provider of hosted IT and datacenter services to the British Royal Household, the Maindenhead located Pulsant Datacenter is the a state-of-the art datacenter meeting international quality compiliance, including SO 14001, ISO 9001, CSA Star Alliance, G-Cloud 6, PCI DSS, …

Power source

3.5mVA power supply from renewable energy

15kW rack power

30 hours fuel supply


Pulsant Datacenter is connected to multiple London points of presence using Dark Fibre. Average network latency is 2ms.

  • Member of LINX
  • Carrier neutral
  • 2ms of network latency


ISO 27001 certified datacenter

24/7 monitoring covering 11,200m2

VESDA Fire Detection and FM200 Suppression System


N+1 cooling powered by Airedale CRAC water chilled and high efficiency DX CRAC units

OVH Datacenters (France & Canada)

OVH is the expert of customized datacenters. And their global network is over 12 Tbps. We use OVH servers in 7 datacenters located at Roubaix, France and in 6 datacenters located at Beauharnois, Canada)

Power source

EATON, Chloride, Schneider Electric and SDMO powered electric infrastructure

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) : 1,09


12Tbps Worldwide network

Cisco powered core network

4Tbps Anti-DDoS Shield


Very restricted physical access (only datacenter employees)

24/7 monitoring over security camera

Smoke Detection on each server room



70% watercooling, 30% aircooling. No air conditionning.

SIN-11 (Singapore)

Singapore is our strategic location for Asia market. SIN-11 is our choice for Tier III datacenter.

Power source

2N 12 mVA power supply

N+1 distributed UPS (6 kVA)

60,000 liters fuel capacity (24 hours run-time at full load) & N+2 Diesel Generators


Carriers: NTT, PCCW, Tata GTT Cogent Telia Carrier, Vodafone, Telstra
Exchanges: Equinix Internet Exchange, SG-IX


2 factor authentication: biometric + card

24/7 monitoring over CCTV camera and guard patrols

VESDA Fire Detection + FM200 Fire Suppression


20-25°C temperature with cooling density up to 1.5kW/sqm

Hetzner Online Datacenterpark (Falkenstein, Germany)

This state-of-the art datacenter is providing environmentally-friendly infrastructure for millions of Internet businesses.

Power source

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) : 1.1242

N+1 distributed UPS

Diesel power generator


890 Gbps peering points, 1.2 Tbps transit and 1.29 Tbps private peerings


Electronic access control terminals

24/7 monitoring inside and outside the datacenter

Modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department


N+2 redundancy direct free cooling & Under-floor air conditioning

Next implementations

Our expansion program is targeting new locations for implementing our servers. At this time, upcoming regions are:

  • India (Web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers)
  • Madagascar (Cloud hosting, budget VPS)
  • Netherlands (VPS, cloud storage)
  • South Africa (VPS)
  • Turkey (Web hosting)
  • Hong Kong (Web hosting)
  • Lithuania (Web hosting, VPS)